How to Make Quick Money in ONE day ($100 in one hour)

1. Drive With Uber or Lyft

Work around your own schedule and drive for an app

Work around your own schedule and drive for an app-based taxi service. Uber and Lyft are great options for those who are looking for a side-gig or a full-time job, as you decide how often to drive.

Your earnings are calculated based on the base amount, time, and distance of the ride. You can earn even more if there is a high demand for drivers in the area, whether it’s a sought-after location or the day of an event, so keep that in mind when selecting an area to drive in. Minimum requirements include:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have a valid U.S. driver’s licence
  • You must have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the U.S. (3 years if you’re under 23 years old)
  • You must have an eligible 4-door vehicle
  • You must have proof of vehicle registration and vehicle insurance

Once you apply, you’ll undergo online screening to review your driving record and criminal history.


8. Sell Your Books

Whether you have textbooks or books for pleasure r

Whether you have textbooks or books for pleasure reading, they likely hold some cash value. Try selling used textbooks at a local college or university — you’ll have even better luck if the same textbook is used in their current course offerings.

You can also sell used books online through sites like Bookscouter, Decluttr, or Amazon’s trade-in program.

31. Money-making strategy: Lead walking tours on Viator

If you live in a tourist locale, consider doing walking tours on Viator, which is one of the largest platforms for tour operators in the world. You’ll really need to work hard to get a good reputation. To find clients quickly offer free tours and ask for tips at the end.

This is leveraging the principle of reciprocity with the power of free. People love to get things for free, but they feel obligated at the end to give something in return. That’s why supermarkets are always giving away food. They know if you like it, you’ll buy it.


If you live in the UK or the US, you can become an online teacher with Education First, and earn up to $20 an hour.

To be eligible to apply, you will need to have any bachelors degree from a UK or US University. Previous experience in tutoring, mentoring or homeschooling is an advantage.

VIPKid is another online tutoring platform that pays up to $22 an hour available for those living in the US and Canada. 

You don’t need to have formal teaching experience as they accept applicants with mentoring, coaching, tutoring or babysitting experience.

Donate Plasma

When you donate blood, they pull a pint of the stuff from your body and pay you $20 to $50. You can do it only once every 56 days or six times per year. Donating plasma, on the other hand, is not some desperation hustle for college kids and the indigent. Since the machine siphons off only the plasma and returns the rest of your blood to your body, you can donate much more frequently and collect a whole lot more cash. A couple can easily earn $1,500 per month donating plasma without much effort, according to Business Insider. CSL Plasma, one of the biggest plasma providers in the world, says individuals can earn up to $1,100 in their first month. [12] It’s unclear how much you’d make on your first day, but the payments increase as you donate more.

5. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

It seems like the older I get the more gift cards I get – a lot of them are for places I never even go to! While I appreciate the gesture I also don’t want to let those gift cards go unused. Luckily there are tons of places where you can cash in unwanted gift cards.

If you need money on the spot you can now sell your unwanted gift cards at Coinstar machines. Just look for the special kiosks, scan your gift card, and you’ll instantly get a cash offer.

We recommend you check out CardPool to sell your giftcards. They have the best prices, and they typically offer a bonus if you select an Amazon giftcard in exchange.

21. Money-making strategy: Give blood

You can \make around $20 to $50 per donation of blood, depending if your blood type is rare or common. You can also donate plasma. Different states have different minimum requirements that must be paid when people donate plasma.

Plasma donations help people who are fighting Leukemia and other immune disorders. This is a bit more complicated and involved than donating blood but you won’t get much more than donating blood.


Become a loan signing agent and make between $75-$200 in under 20 minutes.

I bet you like the sound of that!

And the best part is that you do not need any educational background to get started.

As a loan signing agent you can choose to work just one day a week or as an evening job after work. Either way its a quick way to make $100 fast.

There is a popular course that will teach you everything you need to become a Notary loan signing agent and also get the opportunity to be mentored by Mark Wills, who is one of the highest producing loan signing agent in the country, and course creator of the Loan Signing System.

The entire course is 8 hours long, but you can choose to complete it over the weekend or in a few months. Its totally self paced.

You will learn how to get your notary commission (license), how to easily get your first loan signing, and how to do a loan signing with confidence.

If you are looking to make fast cash in a day, becoming a loan signing agent is one of the best side hustles for quick money.

20. Website testing

You do not require an engineering degree to become a work at home tester.  In this post, I bring you website testing opportunities which simply requires a computer, microphone, webcam, and your enthusiasm. 

Watch Videos

Some of the same sites that pay you for your time for filling out surveys also will pay you to watch videos — movie trailers, product features and content snippets. Swagbucks and InboxDollars both pay you to watch videos. But they’re hardly alone. You can score cash, gift cards or both by watching videos for the following sites, all of which have earned good reviews and are verified as legitimate:  KashKick iRazoo MyPoints DollarSprout estimates that daily watchers can earn $100 to $200 per month. There are more lucrative side hustles — but few that you can do while watching the game.

4. Get paid to read emails

You read it right, buddy!

You can earn some cash by reading emails. Inbox Dollars is a legitimate website that pays you to read emails, search the web, take surveys etc.

Inbox Dollars gets paid by many brands that need research to improvise their services and products. So, when you take surveys or read emails, you are helping brands research consumer needs.

You can earn your first $5 just for signing up here and start earning.


Earning a little money on the side doesn’t mean you have to take on a part time job. Instead, be creative. There are literally hundreds of ways for you to make money fast without selling your soul or chaining yourself to a desk.

Looking for more about earning more money? Check out our resource on Earning More Money or our list of 20 Passive Income Ideas To Build Wealth.

Things To Avoid When You Need Money Now

If you need cash fast and you’re deciding on how to make quick money in one day, it can be tempting to take shortcuts.

However, in many cases, those “shortcuts” can cause you even more problems. If you need fast cash, taking what little you do have and risking it all, or going into further debt, is a bad idea, even if things turn out OK at the end of the movie Rounders.

Avoid things like this if you’re trying to figure out how to make quick money:

  • Taking out a high-interest loan such as a payday or auto title loan
  • Charging items or taking cash advances on high-interest credit cards
  • Trading equities
  • Betting or gambling

Final Thoughts

Whether you want or need to make some cash right now, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make quick money in one day. If you’re in a tight financial spot, you also may want to review your long-term financial plan. Make sure you’re saving and working on building an emergency fund so that you’re in a position to make money fast because you want to — not because you need to.


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