How to Make Money As a Teenager, From Part-Time Jobs to Online Work

How to make $1,000 as a teenager with your skills

Although we may not realize it, most people have a skill that someone else will pay for.

And this definitely also applies to teenagers. While you may not be at the stage yet of having formal qualifications in a certain subject, your knowledge and experience can certainly be useful for other people – making it the perfect way for teens to make money.

How much? Well, if you’re looking to make $1,000 as a teenager, doing the tasks below can, over time, be some of the best options around to earn you enough money to hit this goal.

35. Tutor in a school subject

This is one of the best ways for teens to make money when it comes to earning a steady income, besides having an actual job.

After all, if you’re doing well academically in a certain subject, parents of other students doing less well (and probably in a lower grade to you) may be keen to pay you to help their child.

Even just doing one tutorial a day can help you make $20 a day doing this, so ask around at your school or others in your area to see if this is a possibility.

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36. Teach a skill

People don’t only want to learn about academic subjects. There are a ton of different skills out there that people will pay you good money to learn.

To go back to the skill mentioned above of being good at making jewelry, you could easily run classes of a few kids after school and show them how to do the same.

Think about something you can do that’s a bit unique or that sets you apart from other people – and then start to brainstorm how you teach others this same thing. For a fee, of course.

37. Foreign language classes

If you speak a second language, you’re sitting on a great way to make money as a teen without a job by being able to teach others your language skills.

And you don’t even have to limit yourself to in-person lessons, although they pay pretty well. Instead. check out websites that let you be an online language tutor, as your range of potential clients there is enormous.

38. Teach English

Even if you don’t speak a language other than English, you can still help others learn – and get paid for it.

For example, on Samespeak, you can either give actual English lessons or provide English conversations, for students to basically practice their speaking abilities on you.

39. Help people with technology

It’s pretty clear by now that technology dominates most of our lives. But for those who may not have grown up with this, getting left behind is a scary concept.

Which makes this one of the more unique ways for teens to make money, given that teenagers today are the first fully digital generation.

By offering your services through flyers, letter drops or on social media (although best to do it a way where even tech-challenged people can see your ad), you can make some extra cash by helping people to learn how to manage today’s technology.

40. Do people’s homework

Doing other people’s homework has been one of the ways for teens to make money for decades.

You can easily offer these kinds of services in person, but there are also sites out there if you’d like to look into an online option.

For example, Papers Marketplace has a huge demand for people offering quality essay writing services – or even other non-essay based homework, like algebra. And given you’d be doing all this work anyway as part of your own school work, it’s clear why this is one of the more popular ways to make money as a teen.

Just make sure that it doesn’t cross the line into cheating for them…

41. Host a trivia night

Trivia nights are a great way for you and everyone else there to use their brains. And by charging a participation fee, you can make some great money from doing this.

Convincing local businesses to provide the prizes will also save you some money. Not to mention that many trivia nights include a raffle, which you could charge tickets for to make even more from this idea.


16. Grow an Instagram Account

This could be a personal account to grow your personal brand or a completely separate, niche account that focuses on viral content. If you grow an account to 40,000 followers, you can start charging money to post content on your account.

Practically every large account does this. If you're not convinced, follow twenty large meme or niche accounts and take notice to what they post. Often the paid posts will only be live for a few hours. Niche accounts on Instagram (excluding influencers and personal brands) can charge anywhere from $30 to $300+ for one post. The number of followers and engagement rates are important in determining how much can be charged for a post/story.

You can also become an affiliate and recommend a product in your bio/story links that you can earn a commission from.

7. Sell at a Farmers Market Stand

Don't be shy — just walk up to some and ask if they're hiring at your local farmers market! Some might be interested in letting you work a shift or two throughout the day.

If you have something to sell such as hand-made jewelry or lemonade, you could also go through the paperwork of setting up your own stand!

If you don't have a farmer's market in your area, another option is to cater at an event. Unlike a farmer's market stand which usually only happens certain times out of the year, catering can turn into a profitable business that can give you more flexibility in your schedule, and of course, has the possibility of growing much more than a traditional stand at a farmer's market.

Make money on social media

Monetize your YouTube channel

Monetize your YouTube channel

You can make money as a teenager if you have a significant social media following. YouTube lets you run ads on your channel if you have at least 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours of watch time. If you plan to earn money, kid-friendly content is a must.

The current algorithm favors creators that make longer videos because it gives YouTube more time to run ads. Length shouldn’t come at the cost of quality, though. If you make a long video, maintain your quality of production to keep attracting new users. 

Become an Instagram influencer

Being an Instagram influencer is one of the newer ways to make money as a teenager. If you have loyal fans, you can promote products and services in exchange for cash. Most people charge $10 for every 1,000 followers they have, though prices vary.

Make sure you have a well-established niche and that all your pictures are high-quality. Stick to a consistent theme so that followers can distinguish your brand. Once you establish these foundational elements, consider collaborating with other influencers and reaching out to brands in your niche to gain more exposure.

Start a podcast

If you have a laptop, you have all the technology you need to make a podcast. Shows like My Favorite Murder and The Joe Rogan Experience have low overhead costs, so the creators don’t spend a lot of money on physical space or production. The key is creating engaging content so advertisers will want to buy airtime.

If you want to earn fast money as a teenager, however, podcasting is not your best option. Both My Favorite Murder and The Joe Rogan Experience took years to cultivate their following. You can always do a podcast as a side gig, though.

Produce a low-budget movie

Making movies has become an attractive line of work with blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame netting nearly $3 billion at the box office. You can make money with a smaller approach, thanks to low-budget filmmaking. Save money by shooting your film on your phone and recruiting friends to work as actors and crew members.

Set up a premiere in your town so that people can look forward to your film. Get enough attention, and you can contact your local movie theater about showing your work on the big screen. If you produce something worthwhile, enter your movie in regional film festivals and get more attention.

Write a book with Amazon KDP

Have an idea for the next great American novel? Put it down on paper and publish it yourself. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform makes publishing literature and making money as a teenager more accessible than ever.

Amazon KDP gives you control over the publishing process. You can toggle the price, cover art, and dimensions before finally hitting submit. Even if your work doesn’t become a best-seller, it looks great on a resume.

Manage people’s social media accounts

Teens have a leg up on adults in understanding social media. A 16-year-old grows up with apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, while older people have to learn the seemingly foreign technology. You can make money fast by handling people’s social media accounts if they don’t want to learn the platform.

Offering to tweet or post family members’ content for a fee is a small-scale version of an advertising agency. Working as a one-person agency provides a glimpse into the advertising world while making money around the house.

Buy and sell gift cards

The NYSSCPA estimates that more than $21 billion in unredeemed gift cards are floating around out there. If you want to make money online from this market, start buying and selling gift cards. 

Find unused cards people in your family don’t want. Most people sell their unwanted cards for 70% to 90% of face value. If you have a $100 card to Sweetgreen, list it for $90 and trade with someone else for a $75 Amazon card.

The key is flipping cards for a profit, with each transaction netting more cash. Whatever the price you buy the card for initially, mark up the price when you sell. You can start buying cards on eBay, Craigslist, Raise, Cardpool, and Giftcard Granny.

40. Yard Maintenance

This can be anything from cutting lawns on a regular basis to shoveling snow to one-off property management projects, like raking leaves or trimming hedges.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can provide these services for people in your neighborhood. Your competitive advantage is that you can work for less money than a professional landscaper charges.

33. Amateur Referee

If you’ve ever played recreational sports then you know that every event has one or more referees. As a teenager, you may qualify as one of those referees.

I know of at least one teen was earning between $25 and $60 to referee one-hour games for kids between the ages of four and 12.

Check with the recreational leagues in your community. If you can referee multiple sports, you can work year-round.

Knowing Your Rights 

It’s important to know that there are special protections for teens with jobs. In the United States, minors are not allowed to work under the age of 14 (with a few exceptions) and have limited hours they can work when they’re under 16. Federal law also bars anyone under 18 from working in jobs considered dangerous. Many child labor laws in the US were established by the Fair Labor Standards Act, and you can use this tool on the Department of Labor website to see whether the Act covers your job.

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Once you turn 18: Using Apps

When you turn 18 you'll have more options for employment, but you may still want that flexibility with when, where, and how much you want to work. Here's some apps that make it easy to find work when you want it.

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What To Do With The Money You Make As A Teenager

Set Up An Emergency Fund

You never know what expenses may come up when you’re headed to college or even supporting yourself as a teen. It’s important to have an emergency fund to help give you peace of mind when emergencies arise.

Now, an emergency in this situation is not that you found a pair of jeans you love. No! An example of an emergency is when your tire just went out and you have to have it replaced today. If you have money saved for it, it’s easy to cover and you’re not struggling afterward or going into debt to cover the cost.

Whether you’re a teenager or not, it’s SO important to have an emergency fund.

Save For Something You Want

There may be something you’re needing or wanting to buy, and you have to save for it yourself. Maybe it’s a new car, a new laptop, or even a new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting for months.

It’s so rewarding to have money, build the discipline to save for it, and then purchase it yourself. You will appreciate the item more when you buy it with your own money. Plus, you’re building confidence in yourself that you’re able to have the discipline and self-control to save for something worth your money and time. You will thank yourself later!

Save For School

Maybe you’re going to college, trade school, or just wanting to dip your toes in some college courses without committing yet. Having the money saved up to pay for ahead of time will save you SO. MUCH. MONEY.

It’ll save you money in student loans, student loan interest, and spending your student loan money and having to pay it back later. Leaving college or trade school without more debt is worth EVERY penny paying it ahead of time. 

20. Work Fast Food

Getty Images Getty Images

If you’re not opposed to smelling french fries during your work hours, getting a job at a fast-food gig might make the most sense for getting rich. Fast Food restaurants are always hiring, and more than willing to take any teenagers without experience.

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  1. Ramona @ Personal Finance TodayRamona @ Personal Finance Today says

    When I was a teenager I used to tutor smaller kids. Didn’t earn me a fortune, but it did help with buying some much needed stuff my parents couldn’t afford. Really great ideas you have here, let’s hope tees are willing to get inspired and do some lucrative work


    • ChonceChonce says

      That’s great you were able to tutor as a teen. That’s a great gig even for adults. It can feel so good when you finally have an income to pay for some of your own things.


8. Doing Random Tasks

MTurk and Task Rabbit

Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older

Payment Method: Paypal (must be 18), direct bank transfers

Sure your neighbor might pay you to clean their house or mow their lawn every once in a while, but this probably isn’t frequent enough to really make much money. 

But what if your entire neighborhood, or even your whole town paid you to do these things? You’d be a heck of a lot busier!

With Task Rabbit, you are connected with people in your local area who are looking for someone to do random tasks for them. 

You can make money doing anything from:

  • Car washing
  • Cleaning
  • Delivery
  • Errands
  • Pet sitting
  • Small home repairs
  • Date entry
  • cooking/baking
  • IKEA assembly (yup!)
  • Sewing
  • …and MUCH more!

And what makes Task Rabbit so great, is that you can set your own schedule, choose the types of tasks you’d like to do, and receive 100% of what you charge.

Find out more about becoming a Task Rabbit!

And MTurk, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, is another option for teens 18 and older looking to make money online. 

MTurk is a service Amazon provides to businesses who’re looking to outsource small tasks/jobs to online workers. 

Essentially, Amazon Mechanical Turk gives companies access to a global workforce, so they can get tasks done quicker and more efficiently. 

You can start making money doing MTurk tasks, like:

  • taking surveys
  • data entry
  • identifying photographs
  • audio/video transcribing
  • completing Excel spreadsheets
  • and more!

Read more about this way to make money online as a teen over at MTurk.

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Work odd jobs



Babysitting provides an option for many teens to earn some extra money, especially if you want to get started in early childhood education. The job comes with specific responsibilities and a reliable paycheck, making it one of the most popular ways to make money as a teenager. 

If you’ve never babysat before, take a course from your local YMCA or Red Cross. You can also join babysitting websites, such as and Zum, to increase your chances of finding parents in need.

Parents frequently need help watching their kids, whether they’re going out for the night or dealing with an emergency. According to a study from UrbanSitter, the average babysitter earns $16.75 per hour when they watch one child. Rates may vary depending upon where you live. Note that Illinois has the highest minimum age requirement for babysitters at 14 years old.

Mow lawns or remove snow

If you’re willing to get a little dirty, start a lawn mowing business. People need lawn mowing services from spring to fall, so there’s always demand, especially among professionals, the elderly, and others who don’t care to do physical labor. 

According to, you could make between $50 and $220 cutting a single lawn each month, with the average person earning $135 per month.

Don’t limit yourself to mowing services. Expand your offering to include pulling weeds, raking leaves, watering plants, and painting fences. The more services you can provide someone, the more likely you are to make them a repeat customer.

If you live in an area with a snowy winter season, you can similarly make money by offering your services shoveling or blowing snow and de-icing walkways.

Walk dogs

Many people choose dog walking to make extra money, get some exercise, and hang out with dogs. If you already know someone else with a dog, try making them your first client. You can even set up a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to plan your dog walks in advance.

You can also sign up for one of the many dog walking sites, such as and The platforms let you create a profile where local pet owners can request your services. Indeed says that the average dog walker makes $15.75 per hour, making it a great way to cover things like gas or clothes.


You can earn a few hundred dollars in cash every month collecting and recycling cans. Some states pay $0.05 – $0.10 for lightly used cans as a way to incentivize recycling. 11 states have container deposit laws, including:

  • California.
  • Connecticut.
  • Delaware.
  • Hawaii.
  • Iowa.
  • Maine.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Michigan.
  • New York.
  • Oregon.
  • Vermont.

While returning old cans may be the most prominent way to make money with recycling, it’s not the only way. TerraCycle, a private recycling business, pays volunteers nationwide to handle hard-to-recycle items. That includes things like plastic toothbrush tubes, potato chip bags, and shampoo bottles.

TerraCycle awards people two points for every shipment over seven pounds and pays $10 for every 1,000 points people earn. You can also recycle cardboard on BoxCycle or return cooking oil for $0.75 a gallon to biodiesel companies. Other recyclable items include expired ink cartridges, automobile batteries, and scrap metal.

Collect golf balls

If you decide to take a job as a golf course worker, you have a golden opportunity to collect and resell used golf balls. Even the best golfers will occasionally lose their balls in the woods or water. Stroll these parts of the course long enough, and you can amass a sizable collection.

Once you clean and sort the balls, you can sell the balls online or to the pro shop. Remember that not all golf balls command the same price. The Titleist Pro V1, one of the most expensive golf balls in the world, retails for $48 a dozen. If you sell 12 used Pro V1s, you should get paid at least half the retail price. 

Always make sure you check with the golf course, though, just to make sure you have permission to gather the golf balls.

Work at a farmers’ market

Do you have a knack for making baked goods? What about growing juicy tomatoes or harvesting honey? If you said yes to any of these options, you might have a future at your local farmers’ market.

The next time you visit your farmers’ market, survey the stands to see what people are and aren’t selling. You should find something that no one else sells, but that still meshes with the culture and tastes of consumers. 

Remember to start small with your stand. Tents and gear can be significant cash investments, and you’ll want to know your products are a hit before expanding.

Clean houses

If you like things in order, you might excel at cleaning other people’s homes. You can start as a solo cleaner or work with a friend to tackle cleaning projects. Data from ZipRecruiter shows that house cleaners get paid $14 per hour on average.

House cleaning comes in two varieties: surface-level cleaning and deep cleans. Surface-level jobs target visible mess and untidiness. Cleaners at this level may offer dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping services. Deep cleaning takes more time and effort because it addresses hard-to-remove dirt and grime, which means it also pays more.

Why you should start building passive income side hustles as a teen

Passive income allows you to make an income, maybe even as much as a full-time job, but without needing to work all the time. The sooner you start building passive income sources, the better.

It will help you save and prepare for the future. It’s beneficial to do this as a teenager because much of your time right now should be focused on your education.

Tips for the Teenage Hustlers

  • Start NOW – When I was younger there were a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do because I was too young. I was wrong and I wish I would have just started.
  • Have fun – You don’t need to get rich off your first side hustle. Have some fun with it and find out what you enjoy doing. You’ll learn a lot.
  • Experiment – As a teen, time is on your side. Experiment with the different opportunities above and once you find something you enjoy doing, don’t give up right away if you’re not making money with it.
  • Consistency and perseverance is key!
  • Learn from your mistakes – When you start something new, you’re bound to make mistakes. Instead of getting discouraged, figure out what went wrong and learn from it.
  • Do the best work possible – If you want your business to grow, you can’t do crappy work. When you do good work, people notice, and your business grows.
  • Be creative – Use the ideas above as a starting point and put your own spin and creativity on them. The more unique you are and the more you stand out, the better your chances of success.

What to do with money as a teenager

So you’re a teen who’s figured out how to make some money – which is great!

Now it’s a question of figuring out what to do with money as a teenager.

Here are some ways we’d suggest splitting your earnings.

Keep some for fun things

Having your eye on a financial goal is fantastic. In fact, if this is you, you’re literally already in a better position than many adults who are struggling to manage their money.

But it’s fine to also save some of your money for fun things. That way, you’ll stay motivated to keep making money and also have the chance to live your life a bit.

Save most of it

It’s good to keep a financial goal in mind during all your hard work. As once you get there, the fact you’ve worked so hard to achieve that goal will make it all the more sweeter.

This is why it’s a good idea to save most of your money. If you’re earning cash in hand, keeping it somewhere safe should be fine, but consider opening a bank account instead to store it there.

Generally, you can open a bank account from 14 years old, but until you’re 18, you have to have a legal guardian as a co-owner of the account.

Invest part of it

As mentioned earlier, starting to invest as a teenager is seriously one of the best things you can do for your financial future.

One of the most important features of any investment is time – that is, having the time for your investment to compound (i.e. grow) in value.

So starting as a teenager definitely gives you enough time to do this.

And if you’re wondering what should a teenager invest in, look into low-cost, reliable options like an index fund.

This is what many adults – including me – base their entire investment portfolio on. So do some research into what that is and how to get started and start setting yourself up for future financial success.

Teens Can Make Money Online

So, there you go: the best online jobs for teens. Most of these can be done online or else they depend on the Internet to connect you with customers so you can make money.

Remember to keep your parents or legal guardians in the loop—they’ll appreciate it. Plus, if you suddenly become richer than them—and they didn’t know where the money came from—they would be worried!

Your parents already know that you’ll learn the value of money when you earn extra cash as a teenager.

As you’ll learn, the road to financial independence is paved with patience and hard work. Earning extra money now, as a teenager, will teach you how to succeed when you start making more money later in life.

And these online jobs can teach you a lot about working in the professional world. The same is true for old-fashioned jobs for teens like becoming a babysitter, pet sitter, camp counselor, or grocery bagger. Nothing replaces work experience.

30. House Sit

Getty Images Getty Images

Want to get paid for doing homework? House sitting is the perfect side business for you. Most homeowners look for responsible teens (who won’t throw parties in their empty mansions) to help house sit. At most, you’ll probably be required to check the surroundings, water a few plants, and generally make sure everything is in place. For a job with such quick time schedules, house sitting has the biggest payout of all.


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