70+ Ideas for How to Make Money as a Kid [Ages 6-18]

How can young kids make money?

Just because you are young doesn’t mean that you can’t begin to make money. You can find some fast ways to make money below. If you would like to learn how to make money as a kid, these ways are going to help you.



Movie Editing– Make wedding videos and edit movies for people. For more information go to How to Make Money as a Kid Editing Movies.

Graphic Design- Learn graphic design and do freelance work.

Sell VoIP Phone- VoIP phones can be set up for people’s home phone without a monthly payment.  It works through the Internet and works just as good as a landline.

Programming- Learn to program and create games, iPhone apps, and software to sell.

Helping Elderly Set Up Electronics- Elderly are usually don’t understand new technology.  Help them set up their TV, blue ray, computers, etc.

Digitalize Pictures- Many people have tons of photos in scrapbooks and boxes that are useless.  Scan them into the computer to make digital copies.

Make a Digital Scrapbook- Use Shutterfly to create quality digital scrapbooks for people.

Movie Conversion- Convert VHS and home videos to digital copies and DVDs.

DVD and Blue Ray Digitizing- Digitize DVDs and Blue Rays so they don’t get scratched, lost, or broken.  Get rid of the shelves of DVDs and put them in digital form so people can watch their movies on all their electronic devices.

Computer Maintenance and Repair– Computers always need to be updated, cleaned up so they run better.  Fix and offer maintenance for computers. Learn exactly how Mike, 13, fixes computers to make money.

Fix and Re-sell TVs and Computer Monitors- Collect old TVs and computer monitors, fix them and resell them.

Video Game Rental- Rent out all your video games to friends for a fee.

Video Rental- Rent out all your videos and DVDs for friends and neighbors for a fee.

How to help your kids develop their business ideas

Okay, so your kid has a big idea to start their own business online, but they aren’t sure where to start. Here are some tips for parents to help mentor today’s kids so they might be tomorrow’s Jeff Bezos.

Encourage your kids to take their business ideas seriously and explore their feasibility.

Get your kids to brainstorm any and all ideas they might have and how it would look. Tools like MindMeister make that easier (but pen and paper works just as well too!).

Introduce them to friends and family who have their own online business and ask if they’ll help mentor your child.

Research the market. This could be as simple as your child deciding to design and sell earrings online then asking their friends what sort of jewellery they’d love to wear, or what are some cool designs they wish were available in a store.

Have your kids set a budget for any material costs and then project how much money or profit they’ll make as a way of assessing the feasibility of their idea and setting prices.

Check out organizations like The Lemonade Project that are designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in kids and give them the tools to set a goal and make a plan.

Keep them motivated along the way by listening to stories of real life entrepreneurs and success stories (and earlier failures!). There’s plenty of inspiration to be found through TED Talks or podcasts like CBC’s Terry O’Reilly’s We Regret to Inform You.

Earn money selling t-shirts

Pretty much every influencer has a clothing brand they flog alongside what they do on social media.

(Have you been badgered to buy an expensive t-shirt, bag or hat from some YouTuber you’ve never heard of? Just me?)

Well, creating a fun or memorable brand isn’t just about being famous first – anyone can do it and start a buzz.

Selling t-shirts online is the easiest way to go about it.

Come up with a custom design and sell them on; although you have a few ways to sell.

Either get them printed each time someone buys one and have them drop-shipped or buy them in bulk, hold the stock and ship yourself.

Find out more about how to start a clothing business.

How can I earn money at 13?

At 13 you can’t get a job. So what do you do? Be creative and hustle. There are so many ways to make money as a 13 year old that I have only scratched the surface with over 200 ideas. The common ideas of mowing lawns, babysitting, and doing a lemonade stand work but here are 7 creative ideas that will blow those out of the water.

1. Do a Soda Stand

The only reason adults buy lemonade is that they think kids are cute. Why not sell something they can’t buy anywhere else but crave? Selling mixed soda drinks is the rage these days and you can make a lot of money selling them. Simply mix half and half into a coke and you have a dirty coke that will sell for $3 to $4. Way better than a $.50 cent lemonade right. For more ideas on drink mixes, you can sell, check out these Sodalicious recipes.

2. Host a Kids Club

Babysitting is great but you can only watch one family’s kids a night. What if you could watch five families’ kids in one night? You could make so much more money. The cool part is you can! Contact all the families you would normally babysit and say you are holding a Kids Club.

Basically, it’s a mini summer camp but just for Friday night. That way the parents can drop their kids off to go on a date and you can watch 10 to 15 kids all at once. Plan fun engaging activities to keep the kids busy and the time will fly. Instead of making $20 a night you can make up to $150!

3. Start an online business

Chances are pretty high that spend a good amount of time each day on social media. Instead of seeing what your friends are up to grow a following. Whether you are on Instagram, Youtube, Musically, or Snapchat you can make money if you have enough followers. You can sell products and get a commission through what is called affiliates and companies will pay you to promote their brand. So cool. Learn how to make money online here.

4. Sell free fruit

My brother just made over $1200 selling grapefruit and oranges that he got for free. No matter where you live, people have fruit trees that they don’t want to pick. The fruit will end up just falling on the ground and become a mess they need to clean up later. They would love if someone like you would come over and pick their fruit. Then you can turn around and sell it to family and friends and even at farmers markets.

5. Paint address numbers on curbs

I know a couple of kids who do this every summer. The go door to door and ask people if they want their address painted on the curb. They charge $20 a pop and do it until they make enough money to buy their new skateboard or shoes. You can do it too. Here is their video of them actually doing it.

6. Sell puppies

This is a crazy, fun way to make a lot of money. Olivia makes over $100K a year selling Doodles. Is that crazy! She is making more money than her parents with full-time jobs. The best part is this is the perfect way to convince your parents to let you get the puppy of your dreams. Like Olivia, if you do this business right you can stand to make a lot of money as a 13 year old.

7. Freelance on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can pay someone $5 to do some work. I hired a young girl to do some voiceover work for me. Talking to her after she said she can make as much money as she wants. Check out Fiverr to see if you can offer any of the services listed.

Become a video game live streamer

If you have an avid gamer, they could share their hobby online and make money at the same time.

Streaming video games is quite a new thing in terms of making money online, having only been a big thing since around 2014, but it’s not a multi-million dollar industry.

You can show your face (or not) and can stream to Twitch, a YouTube channel and Facebook using Open Broadcaster Software (it’s good and free). 

When it comes to making money as a kid streaming, you make your income on the broadcasts via ad revenue, sponsorships with brands, viewer donations and subscriptions.

How to Make Money as a Kid in the Spring

Anyone who likes to golf knows that there are tons of golf courses out there. It’s not that hard to get a job as a caddy or part time employee at a golf course during the spring. You’ll have breaks while waiting for the next hole to be finished and you won’t be cold!

Online ways to make money as a kid

If your child is digitally savvy, then they may be more inclined to find ways to make money online instead. Either way, your child should ask your permission before they embark on ways to make money. Since they are minors, they need parental permission to engage in these activities.

  • Take online surveys. I love taking online surveys and so do my kids! These can be a lot of fun, and since the kids are on their devices more often than not, they might as well be making some money at the same time. Some of our favorite online survey sites are Swagbucks and MyPoints.
  • Create illustrations. If your child likes to create illustrations, then they could make some money with this skill. Get them a decent illustrating tablet and intuitive software (I suggest Clip Studio Paint Pro) and they will be on their way. A great website to have them set up a portfolio on is Deviantart.
  • Make crafts or jewelry to sell online. If your child loves to create jewelry and crafts, then selling them online may be a great way for them to make money as a kid. The most popular website for things of this nature currently is Etsy.
  • Make YouTube videos. Our kids today are technology savvy, right? YouTube is a platform where some decent money can be made if your child loves to create videos. Kids can be product testers and make videos of them testing out products from different companies. Even if your kid just wants to make videos talking about particular subjects (video games, how-to-videos, etc.), they can place ads in their videos to start generating income. As a parent, however, you should be monitoring this money-making avenue closely.
  • Sell their old stuff online. There are many different platforms for your kids to sell their old stuff online. Some of our favorites are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark, and Amazon
  • Start a blog. If your child loves to write, starting a blog at a young age could potentially help your kids get to the point of monetization by the time they could really use it. Writing a blog can be a lot of fun, but it can take a while to start making money with a blog. So this could be more of a longer-term goal that kids can grow into over the years.
  • Start taking photographs. Taking photographs can be a great way to put your child’s hobby to good use. Some of the best sites that might be willing to pay them for their photographs are EyeEm, Foap, and Scoopshot.
  • Streaming. If your child is already big into watching streamed live content, then it may be time for them to start creating their own. Live streaming through Twitch is a great way to get them started.
  • Selling digital goods. Creating an ebook or a course is a great way to begin selling digital goods with very little overhead.
  • Making music. If your child has a musical ear, then this may just be the money-making genre for them. One of the best places to get started is Spotify.
  • Create games. One of my children is huge into video games and is always coming up with ways for the games to be better. If this sounds like your child, then it may be time to investigate creating their own game and monetize it (trust me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds).
  • App tester. Since most of our kids are very embedded in the digital world, it only makes sense for them to make some money by testing apps. There are quite a few places your child can begin doing this, but two of the best places to get started are TesterWork and UberTesters.

HowTeens Can Make Money Online

When looking over Inc. magazine’s list of 40 Young People Who Became Millionaires Before They Were 20 it’s remarkable to see how many made their millions with technology.

Sometimes it seems the boundaries to technology and Internet businesses are endless – even with teen and kid entrepreneurs.

Here are a few ideas of how teens and kids can make money online:

If you know advanced code:

  • Design websites: While it may take a bit of work to find clients, demand for website creation continues to be strong.
  • Create apps: This too could take a bit of up-front work to locate clients but many companies and individuals are interested in creating apps but need expertise to help them do it.
  • Fixing computer viruses and other problems: Clients for this service can be found both locally and online.
  • Teach other kids how to code: Many parents want their kids to learn how to code.

More media-centric technology:

  • Film YouTube videos and make money on advertising: It will take time and effort to build a following but once you do, a YouTube channel can be lucrative.
  • Begin a blog and make money on traditional advertising and affiliate marketing: This will also require a lot of up-front effort to build a following but can eventually turn into passive income.
  • Consult on social media: If you are savvy with social media marketing, businesses could use your expertise.
  • Manage a blogger’s social media: Many bloggers would rather spend time writing than scheduling their social media and are willing to pay good per hour rates for this service.

Earn Money Through Online Surveys and Other Online Paid Programs

  • MusicXRay
  • Slicethepie
  • Survey Sites:
    • Swagbucks
    • MySurvey
    • Vindale Research
    • Survey Voices
    • Global Test Market
  • Userlytics 

Become an Online Tutor:

  • Enroll.com
  • Chegg.com
  • Tutor.com

See this list with detailed descriptions here: How Teens Can Make Money Online

Ways 12 Year Olds Can Make Money

Your tween doesn’t need to get a regular job to earn money when they need it. There are several ways they can earn money on occasion without having to get a steady job.

These money-making ideas are a great way for your 12 year old to earn some extra money every once in a while.


Set up a lemonade stand

This popular money-making idea is a great way for your tween to earn some money when they need it.

A lemonade stand helps kids learn about the ins and outs of running a business, which could be beneficial if they decide they want to start their own business later on.

Bake sale

Another great way for your 12 year old to earn money is to set up a bake sale.

Similar to a lemonade stand, your tween can bake some sweet treats then sell the baked goods to your neighbors and friends to earn extra money.

Have a yard sale

Let your 12 year old declutter your house and gather up items to sell at a yard sale.

They can collect things to sell, price the items, and set up the sale in your yard, then keep the profits.

Start a YouTube channel

If your tween doesn’t need to make money right away, they can consider starting a YouTube channel.

Building a following takes time, but if they put effort into developing their own channel, they could make money from advertising and sponsorships down the road.

This is a great way to save for the future.

Selling crafts

Being a crafty tween can pay off! If your teen is good at making crafts, they can sell the items they make to earn some extra money.

Your 12 year old could sell a variety of items, depending on what they enjoy making, including:

  • Jewelry
  • T-shirts
  • Scarves, hats, and gloves
  • Home décor
  • Garden decorations
  • Signs
  • Paintings and drawings

Putting up holiday decorations

During the holiday season, your 12 year old could earn extra money helping neighbors put up their holiday decorations.

From hanging Christmas lights to decorating the tree, there are a variety of simple ways your tween can help out during the holidays to earn some extra cash.

Benefits of teaching your kids about money

The benefits of teaching your kids about money are almost endless, especially in today’s society where most of us have more debt than income. If you can begin teaching our kids about money when they are really young, then they will grow up knowing more than you did.

The value of a dollar

One of the biggest, and easiest, lessons to teach your children about money is the value of a dollar. This lesson can begin with the grocery store example from above. A good way to do this, depending upon their age, is to tell them how much money you have budgeted for this particular grocery trip. Then, they can help you add up all of the items as you go.

When kids do this, they get to see a physical example of how much groceries really cost. Once this concept is grasped, the next step is to give them a small amount of money to spend on their own. Start with $1 or $2 to show them how far that little bit of money doesn’t actually stretch. 

How to save for long-term goals

Opening up a savings account for your kids is a great way to help them begin to save money for long-term goals. When they are younger, they won’t have access to withdraw funds themselves, so you will be in charge of what they can take out.

A good way to drive this point home is to have them choose something big that they would like to save for. Depending upon their age, that can vary widely. But some items to consider may be:

  • Bike.
  • Skateboard.
  • Video games.
  • Gaming console.
  • Phone.
  • Furniture.
  • Trip.
  • Car.
  • College.

Once you and your child have chosen their big item, then you can help them break down the total cost and how long it will take to save the money to get there. The deal is that they won’t be able to take the money out of the savings account until they have the full amount due for the item.

This can really help keep them laser-focused on the big goal and hopefully get them interested in finding other ways to make money as a kid.

What disposable income really means

As kids get older, they start to understand a bit more about bills and how much things cost. Teaching them about monthly recurring living expenses is a really good lesson to impart before they fly the coop. I know my first years as an adult were spent living hand to mouth and eating the cheapest foods I could find. This was because I had little to no money since almost everything I made went to living expenses.

Teaching your kids about what disposable income really means is exceptionally important. This message can be taught in a few different ways. But, a great way to show them is to have them go through your budget with you. This way they can see what your recurring expenses are as well as any remaining money, or disposable income. 

Read more: How to make a budget: our step-by-step guide to managing your money

How much retirement might cost and how to save for it

When it comes to retirement, I suggest telling your young kids to include this number in their monthly recurring expenses budget. This way they will be sure to put something away towards retirement every single month and not let it fall by the wayside.

How much retirement costs will vary depending on where your child chooses to live and what they have planned for their retirement. The conversation will look different depending on  the ages of your children as well. No matter their age, even if they are saving only a few dollars per month toward this far-off goal, they will nonetheless be developing habits that will keep them on good financial footing throughout their lives. And as they get older and begin to earn more they can begin to save more.

This will be extremely helpful to them due to the magic of compounding. If only I had known about compound interest when I was a teenager. Oh, how I would have made different financial choices!

Read more: The beginner’s guide to saving for retirement

Overall financial independence

The biggest benefit your children will get out of you teaching them about money at a young age is the ability to achieve financial independence. This is a big one! Especially because a lot of us, as parents, haven’t even achieved this. 

Since we, as parents, want our children to live a better life than we did, helping them to achieve financial independence only seems natural. And one of the best ways to teach them that is to get them involved in making their own money as kids.

Read more: Financial independence in your 30s: How realistic is it?


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