4 Rear Axle Seal Leak Symptoms & Replacement Cost

What Is A Rear Axle Seal?

Image Credit: YotaTech
Picture Credit score: YotaTech

Axles have three seals:

  1. One pinion seal situated on the entrance of the differential
  2. Two rear axle seals

On this put up, we’ll give attention to the rear axle seals. Rear axle seals preserve the differential fluid contained in the axle. When the seals are doing their job:

  • Differential fluid can’t leak out the axle tube
  • Contaminants can’t enter the axle tube

There may be one rear axle seal on every outboard finish of an axle. The differential fluid wants to remain inside the axle and differential. If a rear axle seal fails, differential fluid leaks out. Which means the differential isn’t lubricated or cooled properly. This may result in a failed differential, which is an costly restore. Changing an axle seal is a really cheap restore.


What Causes the Rear Axle Seal To Go Unhealthy?

Axle seals can go dangerous for just a few totally different causes. The commonest motive is because of put on and tear. Over time, the seal begins to interrupt down and permits oil to leak out. This may occur when you don’t often preserve your car or when you drive it arduous.

Another excuse why the rear axle seal can go dangerous is because of an accident. In case you hit one thing arduous sufficient, it will possibly trigger the seal to interrupt and permit oil to leak out. Because of this it’s at all times vital to get your car checked out after an accident, even when it doesn’t seem to be there’s any injury. Typically improper axle set up can also be a trigger axle seal could be leaking.


When the rear axle seal begins to leak, it will possibly trigger various issues. First, the leaking fluid will entice dust and particles, which might clog the differential and trigger injury. Second, the fluid itself is critical for lubrication and cooling, so the fluid loss can result in overheating and additional injury.

In case you discover a leak or some other indicators that your rear axle seal could also be failing, take your car to a mechanic as quickly as doable. They’ll be capable to diagnose the issue and advocate one of the best plan of action. Normally, the alternative will probably be needed.

Changing The Rear Axle Seal On A Sterling 10.25 Axle

Image Credit: FullSizeBronco
Picture Credit score: FullSizeBronco

To interchange the rear axle seal on a Sterling 10.25 axle, take these steps:

  1. Carry the rear of the truck to take the burden off the wheels.
  2. Take away each rear wheels.
  3. Take away all 8 bolts holding the axle in place.
  4. Take away the hub retaining {hardware}.
  5. Slide off the hub/drum meeting.
  6. You’ll discover the rear axle seal on the bottom of the hub meeting. With a pry bar or particular device, pull out the seal.
  7. Clear the bore after which put the brand new seal in.
  8. Put all the pieces again collectively within the reverse order of elimination.


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