What kind of car does Bernie Sanders drive?

His Background

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, NY there aren’t a lot of stories about young Bernie and cars. But we’re not going to hold that against him. Or are we?


Bernie Sanders: Direct ban on fossil fuels, EV equity, and new clean transit

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proposes a complete ban on new oil drilling. (For comparison, Senator Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] would place a “total moratorium” on new oil and gas leases on federal lands.)

Sanders would also ban fossil-fuel imports and exports. And he would end the approximate $15 billion in annual subsidies to oil companies.

As part of his Green New Deal proposals, Sanders i

As part of his Green New Deal proposals, Sanders is calling for “a deadline for the manufacturing of carbon-emitting vehicles at 2030.” Sanders wants complete decarbonization by 2050. Sanders claims the transition would create 20 million jobs, effectively ending unemployment.

Currently, purchasers of electric vehicles are wealthier than buyers of conventional cars.

A Sanders campaign spokesperson told Axios that, if elected, Sanders “will create millions of jobs manufacturing clean, American-made electric vehicles.”

In August 2019, Sanders released his plan to decarbonize the American transportation system, calling for about $16 trillion in transit-related spending. The plan has specific spending proposals:

  • $2.09 trillion grant program for low- and moderate-income families and small businesses to trade in used internal-combustion engine cars for new electric vehicles. The plan would limit participants to electric cars built in the US
  • $85.6 billion for creating a nationwide electric-vehicle-charging infrastructure
  • $407 billion in grants to electrify public and school bus fleets
  • $218 billion program to phase out internal-combustion-engine freight trucks for electric ones

Sanders also supports high-speed rail. His campaign links to maps showing routes that primarily connect major metropolitan areas, especially on the East Coast.

What does Sanders drive? There are reports of both a Subaru and a rusty Volkswagen, and that he usually rides in a Lincoln town car.

Bernie Sanders’ Chevy Aveo

Bernie Sanders’ 20202 Presidential Campaign is still all about accountability and equality. The environment, for him, has suffered enough. He believes that we should take a step back and examine how we’re treating it. Sacrifices for the good of the Earth doesn’t have to be grand or drastic. Even the smallest of ways can have the biggest impact. Which is why during his campaign, you could ask what car does Bernie Sanders drive? The answer, the 2011 Chevy Aveo. Red, to be exact. 

Bernie Sanders’ Chevy Aveo, second generation, was released to the market after its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Shows. The car comes with either a 1.8-liter engine capable of running with 135 hp (101 kW) with a 125 lb per ft torque; or a 1.4 liter one able to produce 138 hp (103 kW) with 148 lb per ft torque. 

The beauty of this comes in its ecological outputs. Unlike most cars that deliver a powerful punch to the atmosphere, this car only emits 95g/km of CO2 because of its diesel engine’s eco spec availability. This comes with a fuel-saving stop-start system; it also has low rolling resistance tires that help it claim an economy figure of 78.4 mpg.

This is a great move for him considering what car does Bernie Sanders drive is also a reflection of his campaign of mitigating the effects of fossil fuel usage on the environment. 

Thank the Financial Crisis for Today’s Partisan Politics

An increase in polarization after banking and financial crises is common and predictable. Thank the Financial Crisis for Today’s Partisan Politics

His Automotive Politics

As a part of his ‘Green New Deal’ Sanders claims that he will allocate part of the $2.7 trillion to swap out gas-guzzling cars for those who can not afford a new EV. As an added bonus, he wants the swapped EVs to be from American manufacturers. Cool.

Bernie’s plan goes on to support a high-speed rail system and claims to “create millions of jobs manufacturing clean, American-made electric vehicles.” Maybe that’s why one of his supporters has done this to his Tesla Model 3:

(Paul Sasso, a San Diego based architect and clear
(Paul Sasso, a San Diego based architect and clearly feeling the Bern, hit the road to support Sanders)

Honda Civic

In 1980, after winning the election as mayor of Burlington, VT, Sanders decided to upgrade his ride. Keeping with his early penchant for economical imported cars, Sanders ditched his Volkswagen Dasher in favor of a silver Honda Civic.Introduced in 1972, the Honda Civic was on its second generation by 1980. It was larger than its predecessors and sported a more angular shape. The second generation Honda Civic was also significantly more powerful.The engines on the second generation Honda Civic employed the CCVC design which added a third valve per cylinder, which limited throttling losses as well as hydrocarbon emissions from the engine. With 55 horsepower, the second generation’s engine was a major upgrade over earlier models. Drivers could also choose between a five-speed manual or a two-speed semiautomatic transmission.The second-generation Honda Civic also boasted a number of other features that were advanced for their time, including intermittent wipers and a rear window defroster. Additionally, the car came with partial cloth seats, carpeted floors, and a cigarette lighter.Though the Honda Civic was an excellent car for his time, Sanders allegedly did not take very good care of his. The politician reportedly got into a number of accidents in the 1980s, and eventually got rid of his Civic.MORE: Is it better to lease or buy a car? 

Tom Steyer

Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager, proposed banning sales of combustion-engine vehicles by 2030. He drives a 2016 Chevy Volt, a plug-in hybrid.

Conclusion: What Car Does Bernie Drive?

From a Lincoln to a Chevy to a Subaru, Bernie’s choice will always be geared towards helping the environment in any way he can. From his political standpoints to his policies, he will always put accountability for our actions and equality towards all. You don’t have to be a genius to understand where he is coming from. You will understand that he believes that the Earth is one of the best things our future generations could inherit. 

The way he talks about his advocacies is just mesmerizing to watch. So, it’s no wonder that he has such a huge following. Even though he had not won the 2020 Presidential Elections, we’re sure that he’ll still be out there, fighting the good fight for his people. And no matter where he goes or what he does, Bernie Sanders is a champion for the environment. Just look at what car does Bernie Sanders drive and you’ll see what we’re talking about. 

Bernie Sanders

A picture of Bernie Sanders driving an Audi R8 that floated on the internet turned out to be a hoax. The Lincoln that was reported on other sites is likely a government or security team vehicle. So, what does he really drive?

When the Senator returned home after having a heart attack, news outlets showed him walking into his home after having exited a Chevrolet Tahoe. However, that vehicle is related to the security team. Bernie’s vehicle is the car that was next to the Tahoe in the driveway, a red 2011 Chevrolet Aveo. Previous pictures of the Senator’s driveway also show a Subaru Forester. It turns out, that is his wife’s vehicle. 

Tom Steele

Steyer, a former billionaire hedge fund manager, has suggested a ban on the sale of combustion engine cars by 2030. He drove in 2016 Chevrolet Volt, A Plug-in hybrid.

Electric Vehicle Advocate

Bernie has never been shy about his stance on climate change. In 2019 he declared his support for the Green New Deal climate plan, following his announcement that he “introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation in history of the United States Senate.”

He was spotted in a Lincoln Town Car SUV in 2015, although it’s no surprise that the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist he’s been seen driving several fuel efficient cars.  

Probably his most well-known ecological car is his red 2010 Chevrolet Aveo, although it looks like he’s upgraded to a 2011 version.

In March of 2020, Sanders was sighted with his Subaru Forester, accidentally locking his wife out after voting on Super Tuesday.

He seems to be a fan of bumper stickers, too. His 2010 Chevy Aveo had one that said “Re-elect Bernie for US Senate 2012”, while many noticed that his Subaru has a new “Bernie 2020” to promote his late campaign.  


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