Waltham, MA 02453 Trading That Gas Guzzler?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Tips on how to save gas while driving

Here are some tips from AAA to help you save you money on gas:

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Underinflation reduces fuel economy.
  • Slow down and drive at the speed limit. On the highway, aerodynamic drag causes fuel economy to drop significantly as speeds increase above 50 mph.
  • Avoid sudden starts and accelerations. These actions considerably increase fuel consumption.
  • Avoide prolonged idling to warm up the engine, even in winter, as it wastes fuel.
  • Minimize the use of air conditioning. Even at highway speeds, open windows have less effect on fuel economy than the engine power needed to run the air conditioning compressor.
  • Also, compare gas prices — sometimes the lowest prices are just around the corner.


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