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Does not matter your vehicle, be it a car, van, truck or boat we can help take your brand and mission wherever you go. Vehicle Wraps and Graphics can turn your vehicles into moving billboards on the streets your potential customers live, work & walk.

What kind of Vehicle Wraps are right for you? Every business is different, this is why we provide scaleable options for yours. Vehicle Wraps and Graphics – This entails wrapping your entire vehicle with your brand or just because you want a dragon on your mini-van. We only use premium graphic films from 3M, Avery Dennison and Oracal. Partial Wraps and Graphics – If a full wrap isn’t in your budget, wrap a portion of it. By utilizing vehicle body lines and graphic magic we can design a wrap that will serve your business at a fair price. Vehicle Vinyl Lettering – This is the most cost-effective option to get your brand exposure & has been growing small businesses for countless years.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics are one of my most effective marketing tools around. Studies have shown they can create thousands of daily impressions. Fleet graphics boost regional brand recognition up to 20 times more than other forms of advertisement.


Busy designs make it harder for cameras to autofocus

The autofocus software found on digital cameras use color and or SONAR to help focus the lens. With a black and white vinyl wrap this makes it harder since black absorbs infrared light. Furthermore, the busy design combined with a poorly focused photo will result in a what appears to be a low resolution image. This is perfect for hiding the design features of the test vehicle.

Not only does the busy design trick cameras, they also trick the human eye. The human eye is preoccupied trying to quickly process the busy pattern to discern the true design behind it. This is even more difficult for the human eye as the test vehicle drives by.

Benefits of Getting Camo Car Wrap

There are several great benefits to wrapping your car or truck .

  1. Helps Differentiate Your Car

The first thing is that camo is very distinctive on cars since there are no OEMs that would offer camo as a standard OEM color, not on a car at least. Some motorcycles have it, but that’s different. In a sea of black, white and silver cars, your custom coloring can really look distinct and unique.

  1. Paint Protection

Another great benefit is that vinyl protects the original paint. When the film is applied using the dry method, then down the line should you wish to remove it in order to sell the car in its original color, then you can.

What’s more, the camo car wrap has continuously protected your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation, and also worked to protect it from harmful debris on the road. In this sense it’s a good investment and a near-perfect OEM paint job on an older car helps to increase its resale value.

  1. Removable

The other benefit, as we touched on above, is that vinyls are removable. It’s not the same if you get a ceramic coating, which has to be able to wear down or face being polished off in a grueling polishing process.

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Dealing with persistent fans

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This ingenious engineering usually doesn’t stop people from unmasking the car anyway. Sometimes automakers slip and release a new vehicle’s redesign too early. Even though the 2021 Nissan Frontier has remained under wraps, according to Motor1, some speculate that it was leaked in a South African advertisement. 

The confusing car wrap designs also aren’t difficult for a camera lens to keep in focus. Spy photographers can then take these images and adjust the contrast with photo-editing software. Some photographers go one step further and create an image of the vehicle with 3D-modelling software.

To combat this, engineers have worked tirelessly to perfect car camouflage. In 2016, Ford introduced a new car wrapping pattern that looks more like the static on a television set. Unlike the conventional swirl pattern, it’s not as easy as the eyes, which will deter some less dedicated spy photographers.

Additionally, the pattern of this wrap is more complex and has layered graphics. This allows the car to stay out of focus on a camera. A skilled car render artist can still work with a blurry photo, but the end result won’t be nearly as accurate.

Conclusion: Is Camo Car Wrap Worth It?

Some people don’t like the camo look, but others think it looks trendy and fun. If you have a good reason to apply paint protection to your car, and if you have the budget to have it professionally applied, and if you happen to like the camo look, then nothing should stop you. When you do all the steps right, there are great benefits to be had for you and your car. Don’t worry, you’ll always be able to find where you parked, the camouflage isn’t that effective!



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