Used Suzuki Equator for Sale (with Photos)

A Suzuki what?

The Suzuki Equator was produced from 2009 to 2012 and was basically a rebadged Nissan Frontier. We know what you’re probably thinking: Why would anyone want a rebadged Frontier when they could just buy a Frontier? Exactly! Well, we don’t completely know either but at the time, Suzuki didn’t have any trucks to sell and working with Nissan was one solution. After all, the Frontier has been around forever, so why not go with a tried-and-tested truck?

One of the main reasons for the cross-sharing, though, was that Suzuki thought that their strong and loyal motorcycle fan base would need something to haul their Suzuki motorcycles and other toys in, so why not offer them a truck of the same brand.

2008 Suzuki Quay Concept
2008 Suzuki Quay Concept


It’s the same on the inside

The interior of the Equator is virtually identical to the Frontier as well. It has the same hard plastics and cloth seats, and even the same orange lighting. It’s functional, though, as the two-tiered glove box carried over as did the multitude of storage cubbies and cupholders.

The one thing that the Suzuki truck didn’t have, however, were leather seats, Nissan kept that for themselves. As you could imagine, the rest of the truck’s interior was erred on the side of being utilitarian, as an AM/FM/CD radio deck, along with some hard buttons and dials for the HVAC controls, were front and center. Nope, no fancy touchscreen infotainment systems to see here.

2008 Suzuki Quay Concept Interior | A little diffe
2008 Suzuki Quay Concept Interior | A little different than the production model.

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