Used Cadillac DeVille Convertible for Sale (with Photos)

Cadillac De Ville in the Early Years

At the 1949 Autorama in New York, the first prototype Cadillac De Ville was showcased to the public alongside a select number of other automobiles. Featuring a wraparound windshield, chrome trims and a two-way telephone, this new Cadillac variant was a one-of-a-kind concept costing a great deal of money. Later that year, a more stripped-back Cadillac De Ville was officially released, sporting an innovative pillarless hardtop that set it apart from the standard Cadillac model. Known as the Series 62 Coupe de Ville, it sold in modest numbers in its first year but sales soared to more than 10,000 two years later in 1951, outselling the Club Coupe model in the process. This success prompted Cadillac to expand its De Ville range in 1956 by creating a new trim level for the standard Series 62 Sedan model, making it the company’s first 4-door hardtop. Like the original Cadillac De Ville, it sold in huge numbers with sales reaching more than 40,000 in its first year of production.


Cadillac : DeVille Deville trim 1968 cadillac convertible deville very nice restored


Columbus, Ohio

Year 1968

Make Cadillac

Model DeVille

Category Sedan Mileage 109000 Posted Over 1 Month

1968 Cadillac convertible, teal color with cream interior and a white top, I have all the info on this car and history since 1989, Including all receipts from the restoration, this is a very nice car I am purchasing Coker new wide whites because the tires are older and starting to separate. The interior is very clean and nice, and the body is very straight. This is an older car that was restored in the early 1993 I would prefer you come and view the car before purchase so there is no confusion about what you are buying. This is my personal car. my cell phone number is 614-256-7290 Matt Located in Circleville, Ohio call with questions you may have

Trim Deville trim

Cadillac : DeVille 1968 cadillac deville convertible


Louisville, Kentucky


Make Cadillac

Model DeVille

Category Sedan Mileage – Posted Over 1 Month

Hi all. I am selling our 1968 Cadillac DeVille Convertible in Normandy Blue. I think in terms of sections so I will describe each section here and let you know what has been done. In General This is one heck of a Caddy and I have spent a great deal of time and money to make it a car that I could drive across the country if need be. We have taken it on many 500+ mile trips with 0 issues. I have owned it for a few years. It presents very well and I would classify it as very nice driver. Not a show car but then again I am not asking 25k for it either. I didn’t want a show car. I wanted something that turned heads and runs very well. Engine 104k+ miles. I still drive it. When I got it, the carb was shot completely and not worth a rebuild. I bought a new (new not rebuilt) Quadrajet for it. It is 100% dialed in. Starts every time. Tuned right. No issues. When I replaced the carb, I also replaced the intake manifold. When I got it, I had some slight valve noise so I replaced all lifters, pushrods and had the entire top end assembly rebuilt. Engine purrs like new. Left side manifold had 2 hairline cracks so that was replaced with a NOS one. Exhaust is in fine shape. Quiet with a nice rumble AC was removed prior to me. But the heating controls are fine/work well. I replaced the thermostat when I was working on the top end. Electrical When I got it, the generator was shot. As was the battery. Both are new and I kept the old gen in case you want to rebuild the original. I replaced the Voltage Reg and coil for good measure. Points and are new. Charging is spot on. 0 issues Inside, there are some small things that don’t work. Clock is inoperable as is the Temp gauge. A new replacement line and temp gauge were run and is mounted tastefully on the bottom of the dash. It is accurate. There are a few small door/detail lights that don’t work in the car interior. I will let you chase those. I never cared. The original radio didn’t work. I kept it and replaced it with a vendor who builds ones that look original, fit in the original location by are digital. It looks nice and has an iPod hook up in the dash. You can run an amp as well. The electric/OEM antenna was long gone when I got the Caddy and was replaced with a static one. I relocated it under the engine compartment. I don’t listen to the radio anyway. But there is a hole left from the original location on the front right quarter. I replaced the front and rear speaker with some Polk Audios. They are overkill for the radio but that’s OK. Signals work. All other lights work/the ones that matter. Interior Prior owner had all seats redone. It looks nice. Some buttons have popped off. No cracks in dash. Carpet is nice and presentable. I don’t think you would mind being seen it. Top Is new. As in 2 months ago. Not much else to say. It is a very nice top. Glass not plastic window. Boot is nice. I think a few snaps need replacing. Body/Paint The 68 has an older repaint in a 68 GMC factory color of Normandy Blue. It looks very nice from 10ft away as you can see in the pics but there are some chips. Not many mind you but I don’t want you thinking this is a show car. I drive it. And well, things happen on the road with chips. But it looks nice to me. I do see some paint bubbles coming up on the rear quarter. I don’t think they look too bad. Driveline When I got the car, the TH400 was in need of some work. I had it completely rebuilt. Not a kit mind you. I mean rebuilt as in completely stripped and every wear item replaced. New Stall converter. It shifts like new now. It could probably use an alignment. It is off by a little. I never minded. I replaced the power steering hose. No leaks. Turns easy. No odd noises. No bearing issues. The prior owner completely redid the brakes and ran new lines. No issues with breaks. I replaced all 4 shocks when I bought it. It rides well. No bouncing. Misc I have a book full of receipts that go back 20 years. I have most receipts for the work I have done like the tranny rebuild etc. Car has the original owner’s manual, original 1968 factory service manual and factory vacuum line manual. This is a great Caddy for someone who wants a nice classic that looks great and runs well. Like I said, I would not hesitate to drive this to CA or FL tomorrow. I am sure I am leaving out some things. I will add them as I recall. Clear title. I don’t BS and my eBay record can speak to that. I expect the same. 100% positive since 1998. I would be happy to help in shipping if you like and after funds have cleared. A deposit will be required. Someone is going to get a nice classic. Thanks all.

The New Cadillac De Ville Series

Successful sales figures for the Cadillac De Ville prompted the company to create a separate series of models, and the first generation was released in 1959. Pointed tailfins and unique rooflines were typical of this early generation of De Ville automobiles, but a restyle for the second generation removed its unique wraparound windshields. In the third generation, forward-leaning features were prominent, and the 1967 Cadillac De Ville models showcased eye-catching tail fins. A more spacious redesign was needed for the fourth generation, which also saw the first appearance of the air-bag in 1974. Three years later, the fifth generation of De Ville Cadillacs came along in time for the manufacturer’s 75th anniversary. In contrast to the previous generation of De Ville cars, the sedan and coupe models were downsized and slimmer. A refresh of the design in 1980 concentrated on a more aerodynamic front-end as well as modifications to the tail-end. The sixth generation saw significant changes to the exterior and the platform, switching to a C-body FWD design. By 1994, a decline in popularity of the Cadillac De Ville series lead to only two models remaining in production, and the seventh generation was to be its penultimate one.


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