Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Cost, Replacement + Common Problems

Catalytic converter thefts continue at an alarming rate. Dont be the next victim!

We are authorized installers of “Cat Securit

We are authorized installers of “Cat Security”. It is a plate that covers the bottom area where the target converter is located. It is made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and attaches to existing mounting points on your Prius. Once installed it provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft.

We currently have kits that will protect all models of the Toyota Prius as well as 2005 – 2022 Toyota Tacoma’s with a V6 and four-wheel drive. We also have a kit for 2003 – 2011 Honda Element. We have been able to modify the Element kit to fit 2003 – 2011 Honda CRV. We will let you know when kits are available for other vehicles.

Even if you park your car in your garage at night, there will be a day when you need to park it on the street or a large, unprotected parking lot. It only takes a few minutes for the converter to be taken. It will cost you and/or your insurance company almost $3,000.00 and a few days, up to a week of your time to remedy the situation. So don’t get caught without some sort of protective measures.

The cost to install this protection is between $320.00 – $560.00 depending on the vehicle. Installation does not take exceptionally long but we do request about 4 hours and that you schedule an appointment.

Robert and the Model Garage Team.

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Honda Element 3-11

Toyota Tacoma V6 4wd 16-22

Toyata Tacoma Pre Runner 16-22

Toyota Tacoma 05-16


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The average current price for used toyota prius catalytic converter is $451 from the last 118 listings.

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How much is a catalytic converter from your Prius?

The most interesting generation is the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius. This generation has converters that are packed with precious metals. It’s not a surprise that Prius cars are always on the top line of car thieves’ targets. These vehicles have probably the most expensive cat converters that you may easily sell online or to a middleman.

This catalytic converter set may cost up to $1050, according to some well-known companies that buy cat converters as scrap online.

For other generations, things are a little worse. One scrap cat may be sold for approximately $200. But if you own a 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, you have a good chance of selling your old converter for decent money. We know people who managed to sell their cats for more than $1000 (for a set of two).

But how did they do it? Your local scrapyard will probably offer $50 for an old cat without even looking at its serial number. Now we’ll tell you how to sell your Toyota Prius old cat at a higher price.

How To Go About Getting A Replacement

Given the cost of a Toyota Prius catalytic converter replacement it is important to consider all your options and all the ways you might find a replacement. Here are a few of the options you have for finding a replacement catalytic converter:

  • Finding a replacement part in a junk yard or scrap yard
  • Using after market parts dealers and websites
  • Ordering a converter directly from the manufacturer
  • Check with your local dealership

The thing about catalytic converters is that even if you find a cheaper part, it still costs money to replace. This makes the option of getting an aftermarket or used part from a junkyard a bit risky. This leaves you with the option of going to the manufacturer, which is still pricey but may save you a bit of money over going to the dealership, though once you have the part you still need to find someone to install it or do the job yourself. Going with the dealership or a full fledged mechanic is the most sure fire way to get a replacement but also the most expensive. The base cost of a converter replacement is around $2,000 without considering taxes, fees, location, or any other necessary repairs.

The problem that most Prius owners face is that they have to have the converter installed in order to legally drive their car. While the function of the car doesn’t change much, apart from the noise, it is necessary to meet emissions standards. This leaves drivers with the choice of driving illegally or shelling out thousands of dollars in Prius catalytic converter costs.

Final words

You should know that an old cat converter in your Toyota Prius may cost up to $1000 and sometimes even more. The most expensive converters were used in the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius generation. But other models also have precious converters with a lot of expensive metals inside. So you can easily sell the converter using special companies that offer online quotes and send you offers before making the deal.

If you want to sell your Toyota Prius catalytic converters, never agree with a low-price offer. Once you do it, someone else will easily earn money on your converter. The Prius catalytic converters are pretty expensive, so make sure you get the most out of them when you sell them as scrap parts.


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