This cleaning gel is a sticky, squishy way to clean your car

1. ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

Most of the cleaning gels come in a blue color, but this option has a unique yellow color. It also has a fresh lemon scent, providing a clean feeling in addition to dust and grime removal. The gel comes in a closeable tin, and it’s designed to be reused until the color darkens and it no longer grips.

Pros: Unique yellow color. Fresh lemon scent. Comes in a closeable container.

Cons: Like other options, it’s not designed to be cleaned.

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Is it reusable?

        Credit:                      Reviewed / Sh

Credit: Reviewed / Shayna Murphy

Gross, right? Pictured on the right is what happened after I washed it.

When I first got this gel, it was yellow and had a slight lemon scent. After a few weeks of regular and occasionally heavy use, it looked like something I’d coughed up the last time I had bronchitis. And that lemon scent? Long gone.

But much to my shock, as nasty as the gel itself looked, it was as pliable and effective at picking up dust and debris as it was in the beginning. Still, rolling a snot-colored ball of goo around in my hands started to feel unhygienic over time.


So how do you clean it? On Amazon, it specifically says that you can’t wash this gel with water. As I found out after I ran it under cold water, there’s a good reason for that. It dripped apart in my fingers and plopped in stringy pieces onto the sink with a splat. When I tried to roll it back together again, it was too slippery and left a funky, not at all lemon-fresh smell behind on my hands.

After that, I knew this gel was a goner. Short of picking off those big pieces of dirt, it seems there really isn’t a way to make this goo look and feel like new after it’s been used.

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