Is the Jeep Wrangler’s Sky One-Touch Power Top worth the extra cost?

How many Jeep Wrangler top options are there?

For the 2019 model year Jeep Wrangler, there are three top options. The Sunrider Soft Top, the Freedom Top and the Sky One-Touch Power Top.

  • Sunrider Soft Top The Sunrider Soft Top comes standard on Wrangler Sport and Rubicon models. This zipperless top makes opening and closing quick and easy. This soft top now comes with a sunroof option for days when you’d like to enjoy the breeze without removing the entire top. However, removing the soft top has been made easier, thanks to the retainers that slide directly onto a track for convenience.
  • Freedom Top The three-piece Freedom hardtop features easy-to-remove front panels and is available in Black or body-colour. The Freedom Top is available on all Jeep Wrangler models and is crafted with lightweight panels, making removal easier than ever.
  • Sky One-Touch Power Top The top-of-the-line Sky One-Touch Power Top is the most convenient, allowing you to pop the top with the push of a button. The full-length roof retracts with one touch, letting you sit back and relax while your Jeep does the work. The Sky One-Touch Power Top is available on four-door models.


Does the Jeep Sky One-Touch leak?

Generally, the Jeep Sky One-Touch does not leak due to its watertight feature. But, if your car has an issue like one touch does not close perfectly or has a gap, then you might witness the leakage issue.

Is the Jeep Wrangler sky one touch power top removable?

Yes, you can remove the jeep wrangler sky one touch power top. In order to do this, you need to access a panel on the front windshield and pull up on it with your hands. 

This will release two latches, and then you can pull the whole roof off by hand. Before you do this task, do not forget to check the instruction manual.


The available Premium LED Lighting Group includes signature Reflector Headlamps, Fog Lamps and Daytime Running Lamps for impressive visibility and style. Plus, vibrant taillamps help alert drivers approaching from the rear.


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