How to say nissan in Japanese

4. Easy methods to pronounce Nissan

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Nissan: 日産

Of all of the Japanese automakers, other than these primarily based on their founder’s names, the which means of “Nissan” is probably the only of all of them. The kanji 日 “ni” means “solar,” which additionally occurs to be the primary character in Nihon 日本 “Japan,” which is why we check with Japan because the land of the rising solar.

The second kanji 産“san” means “production.” A litt

The second kanji 産“san” means “manufacturing.” A bit of inventive contraction, and the Japanese pronunciation “ni-san” actually means “made in Japan.”

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Mazda: マツダ

Mazda Motor Company can be primarily based considerably on a founder’s identify, Jujiro Matsuda. The identify “Matsuda” actually interprets to “area of pines.” When the identify was translated to English nevertheless, they selected the spelling “Mazda,” which was impressed by the Zoroastrian god of sunshine and knowledge, Ahura Mazda.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. Mazda, p

Right here’s the place it will get attention-grabbing, although. Mazda, pronounced “Mahz-duh” in English, can be written “Mazda” on company logos, letterhead, and indicators, however the Japanese don’t pronounce “Mahz-da.” As an alternative, they use the founder’s identify “mat-su-da” in any dialog concerning the corporate.

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We hope that you simply loved this little lesson in Japanese. How a couple of brief video, initially posted by Mighty Automobile Mods, of an precise native-Japanese-speaking particular person displaying us the way it’s completed?

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