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Would the 2500 or the 3500 Make a Better Camper Van?

Based on the information we’ve discussed today about the Sprinter 2500 and Sprinter 3500, it’s fair to say that any of these specific models would probably make an excellent camper van conversion.

However, overall, we think that the Sprinter 2500 170″ with a diesel engine and a 4X4 powertrain would be the best overall candidate for a camper van conversion. The engine is efficient and powerful, and the 4X4 adds traction and expands the possibilities of where you could take this vehicle. The 3,417-pound payload should allow you to bring almost anything you need, and the interior volume is spacious.

This camper van has all the comforts of home

Airstream Interstate 24X front interior view | Air
Airstream Interstate 24X front interior view | Airstream

Speaking of the power awning, the Airstream Interstate 24X is still a modern camper van. That means the Sprinter chassis gets packed with a wide variety of wilderness-welcome tech.

The 24X comes standard with an onboard LPG-powered 2.5-kW generator, a 400-W solar panel system, a 2000-W inverter, and two 100-Ah lithium-ion deep-cycle batteries. This all helps power the USB charging outlets, the dimmable ceiling lights, the Resonado audio system, and the 5G-ready antenna. Plus, the 24X comes pre-wired for TVs and satellite dishes.

Airstream Interstate 24X rear interior with gear |
Airstream Interstate 24X rear interior with gear | Airstream

But that’s just the start. The Airstream Interstate 24X has a 13,500-BTU A/C unit, a two-burner stove, a fridge/freezer combo, a sink, a microwave, and both a furnace and a water heater. Those last two are also designed with high-altitude operation in mind, The Drive notes. However, the water heater isn’t just for the sink: the 24X has a proper bathroom. And as for water storage, the van has a 23-gallon fresh-water tank, a 24-gallon gray water tank, and an 11-gallon black water tank.

As standard, the Airstream Interstate 24X seats six passengers with sleeping space for two. But the van’s interior is configurable, with multiple bed options and a modular table system, Car and Driver explains. It’s also upholstered in marine-grade Simtex fabric, though the two front captain’s chairs get faux leather. And if you need somewhere to secure or hang your gear, the 24X’s L-Track system runs along the ceiling, walls, and floor.


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